Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mexico Vacation Packages

Who's up for a break? No, I'm not talking about a stroll to the vending machine in the lounge at your workplace. I am talking about a real break. One that involves ditching your cramped cubicle for a good week or two; packing up the kids and luggage; leaving the dog at the neighbor's house; and purchasing a new set of shades and some serious sunscreen. Now, how does all that strike ya? It's time for mexico vacation packages! Have you even been down to Cancun yet? This place is the utter bomb! So get your swimsuits ready and start relaxing. It's time for a nice stress-free vacation to the sunny wonderland of corona and beautiful women.

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Who are you kidding? You're craving mexico vacation packages as we speak. There's simply no going back now. Pop open your PC or Mac and start browsing the cyberspace highway. Plan your awesome vacation to Cancun in advance and get exactly what you're after. With all the outstanding mexico vacation packages currently available, you can't lose.

South America Adventure

Adventure sports companies have tapped into the growing demand for participating in extreme sports in exotic locations. Many companies bring adventure and vacation together and South America adventure holidays are amongst the most popular. The continent has an abundance of rivers, mountains, deep forest and generally dangerous terrain. For the adventurous at heart, lazing on a sun kissed beach is not enough. Learning a new sport or improving on an existing one in one of the most diverse places in the world cannot be beaten.

The scenery in this part of the world is breathtaking at times. The underwater world is equally fascinating and scuba divers and snorkelers like to go to La Paz in Bolivia. There are numerous world class diving spots in the bay at La Paz and the azure waters are as clear as crystal. This area offers shipwreck and cave diving and the chance to see a wide range of tropical fish, sea lions and other marine life. Other activities on this South America adventure include deep sea fishing, kayaking, and whale watching.

The Patagonia region of Chile is an exciting country to go whitewater rafting. Rafting takes place over difficult rapids on the Futaleufu River, which passes through the rainforest. There are other organized activities, such as canyoning, kayaking and horseback riding. There is also the opportunity to hike into the Andes.

Rock climbers can find many challenges in this part of the world. South America adventure companies organize climbing courses to suit people of different abilities, including beginners, and in accordance with their experience. Climbing in Rio de Janeiro involves the chance to climb the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain. Beginners will learn safety rules and basic techniques of face climbing and how to negotiate chimneys. More advanced climbers will improve their knowledge of lead climbing and self rescue.

The lost Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru has become the latest must see tourist destination. Trekking in this region has become very popular but demands a certain level of fitness. Guided walks start from the desert coast and then trekkers go inland over the plateau and past white topped volcanoes. They will reach Colca Canyon, where condors are often seen overhead, and then through the Sacred Valley. Finally, the Inca Trail through the mountains leads to the lost city. For anyone with any energy left on this, the greatest South America adventure, there is an option to journey further and into the Amazon rainforest.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Christmas Vacation

When Christmas comes each year, many people like to sneak in some vacation time. This might be the easiest time of the year to get off, though that will depend on where you work and how long you have been at your job. Christmas vacation is usually spent with family, though some people like to skip the family on occasion and take a break from everything and everyone for some time to de-stress. No matter what you plan to do for your Christmas vacation, make sure you plan early so you can save some money, and to make sure you get a flight.

If you want to go home to see your family for Christmas vacation, talk to your boss as early as you can. Some places are very busy in the early weeks of December, but then have a slow down the week after Christmas. If this is the case with your job you my have no problems getting off. However, there are some places that don’t slow down, and if you want to take a Christmas vacation, you had better start planning and asking for time off as early as possible.

Remember that flights around Christmas are always full, and they are always booked early. If you try to book a flight on Dec fifth for your Christmas vacation, you will either find that you cannot get a flight, or if you do get one, you are going to pay full price and then some. Airlines know many people like to take flights for Christmas vacation, and they know they can charge full price and still fill up the planes. Book as early as possible to ensure you get a seat at a decent price.

When it comes to planning a Christmas vacation away from home, make sure you also book early, and also make your reservations early. Some places fill up fast, though you may not realize it. If you are thinking of getting away for some skiing or snowboarding for your Christmas vacation, remember that many others have the same idea. If you don’t act early, you may not be able to get a reservation at your favorite resort. Just remember to make sure your reservations are confirmed, and arrive and leave on odd days of the week if you can. This might ensure you get a room when they may not otherwise have anything available.

Cross Country Skiing

Human beings have been moving around on skis since pre-historic times, combining this with hunting animals for food. Nordic skiing, otherwise known as cross country skiing originated in Scandinavia and is still a common means of transportation in Finland, Sweden and Norway. It is an increasingly popular leisure pursuit and there are numerous competitions for the serious sports skier.

There are different techniques used in the sport and many different events, such as sprint, relay and pursuit. Races take place over various distances, including long distance cross country skiing known as Ski Marathons. The longest distance of these events, at 160 km, is the Canadian Ski Marathon. There are international competitions and a World Cup.

The sport has been included in the Winter Olympics since 1924 for men and since 1952 for women. The Biathlon, a combination of Nordic skiing and rifle shooting, has featured in the Olympics since 1960. Norway leads the table of most medals that have been won in the Nordic category. Armies such as the Finnish Army train their soldiers to ski and many champions in the sport belong to the military.

This type of skiing, even more so than downhill skiing, requires a good level of fitness and stamina. Most recreational skiers follow trails, sometimes traveling further afield and camping out. Some more experienced skiers ski off piste in what is referred to as backcountry skiing. In addition to helping to keep fit, cross country skiing is a terrific way of seeing spectacular scenery that would not be accessible in any other way.

Nordic skiing is a fun activity for all the family. Children can ski from a very young age or parents can tow them on sleds. Resorts will give information on trails that are suitable for young people or beginners. It's also advisable for anyone not in tip top condition, to seek advice on how to build up muscle and endurance before embarking on cross country skiing vacations.

The correct clothing and equipment is vital for an enjoyable vacation. Skis must be properly waxed and maintained. Choosing appropriate clothing is also essential. Obviously, temperatures can get pretty cold but exercise can make skiers too warm. The clothes need to be warm and waterproof but allow for breathability and not restrict motion. Gloves, which can be bought specifically for the sport and hats, are essential. The head and hands lose a lot of heat from the body and must be protected.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage Alaska

The people of Alaska are proud of their state's natural beauty and their cultural heritage. The city of Anchorage Alaska is the largest city in the state and receives hundreds of tourists in the summer season. Many people are attracted to the friendly people; clean air and small town feel of the area. There are mudflats rather than beaches but there are many interesting attractions and events. The city has thrived as the major port in the state and also as a center for the petroleum industry and the site for military bases.

Entertainment, business and sport are catered for at several venues. The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts contains a concert hall and two theatres. The center houses the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra and the Anchorage Opera Company. There are two large convention centers and the Sullivan Arena hosts ice hockey and basketball matches, in addition to rock and country music shows. There are several museums in the city, including the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, the Anchorage Museum of History and Art and Imaginarium: Science Discovery Center.

The city really buzzes in February when the annual Fur Rendezvous Festival takes place. It's a celebration of the winter lifestyle in Anchorage Alaska and events include a sled dog race, snow sculpture contest, carnival, ice skating show and dog weight pull competition. The Sitka Summer music Festival in September is a more sedate affair, when a series of chamber music concerts take place on campus at Alaska Pacific University.

Families with young children have great fun at the H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark, a lively park with wave pools, water coaster, splash pool and children's lagoon. All the water is kept at a lovely warm temperature. The park runs swimming lessons, including parent and toddler classes, and kayaking lessons. People who want to get fit can book water aerobic sessions. After a great time in the pool, visitors can relax in the hot tub or grab a snack in the food court.

Skiing is a favorite activity here. The Alyeska Ski Resort is located at Girdwood, around 50 miles from Anchorage Alaska. It's part of the Chugach mountain range and is on the biggest ski mountain in the state. The resort is popular with experienced skiers who like a challenge. Local people from Anchorage Alaska like to go to the Hilltop Ski Area in Anchorage, situated on Anchorage Hillside. Ski and snowboard equipment can be hired and it's a children friendly resort.

Fiji Vacation

Fiji Vacation

Some tropical islands sound too good to be true and Fiji, which is actually made up of over 300 islands, falls into that category. Situated in the South Pacific Ocean, the islands offer a haven, away from the bustling world outside. A Fiji vacation can be used to relax on the beach, go sightseeing or to indulge in adventure sports. The tropical weather brings sunshine for most of the time with some showers which are quickly over. Fiji has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and has eliminated major tropical diseases including malaria. English, Bau Fijian, Hindi and Urdu are the languages spoken. The two main islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

The scenery is wonderful with rainforest, beaches, clear waters and coral reefs. People love to snorkel here, sometimes swimming with manta rays or to scuba dive round the Astrolabe Reef. You can hire jet boats or go rafting over the rapids. Hikers love to explore the forests and caves. The Nadia Area is a favorite haunt of surfers. This region is where the airport is sited and there is a market here, which specializes in hand, crafted souvenirs. There is something for everyone on a Fiji vacation.

The Coral Coast is known for its beautiful lagoons and beaches. This is where the sugar cane is grown. The northern coast is referred to as The Sunshine Coast. It has a dry climate and rugged, mountainous scenery. Pacific Harbor was developed as a tourist attraction for a Fiji vacation and contains an 18-hole championship golf course. Known as the Adventure Capital of Fiji, there is also diving sites nearby and it's a favorite with fishing enthusiasts. You can go on a boat trip down the Navua River and see the waterfalls and villages. Other sporting opportunities here include horseback riding, water skiing, windsurfing, sea kayaking and jet skiing. There are also live shows, shops, restaurants and fire walking displays.

Suva is the capital of the islands and has more urban attractions. There are shops, restaurants and nightclubs. It still has its share of markets to give local flavor and cultural museums. Sightseeing tours can be booked from here. The town gives another insight into a Fiji vacation, with its historical interest and mixture of contemporary and colonial architecture.

The islands are a fascinating blend of traditional culture, history, adventure and modern amenities. There is a wide choice of accommodation to suit different pockets. A Fiji vacation is a plane ride away to friendly islanders and incredibly blue lagoons.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Vermont Skiing

Vermont Skiing

The New England area is famous for its ski resorts and draws many tourists each winter. Vermont skiing is especially prized, involving internationally renowned resorts for skiers and snowboarders in the Green Mountain range. These resorts have excellent facilities, lovely scenery and a variety of runs to satisfy all abilities.

The highest peak in the state is Mount Mansfield, measuring 4,393 feet at the summit. The Stowe Mountain Resort is here and contains four trails that are very challenging with steep slopes, trees and rocks. Cross Country skiers are also catered for and there are trails at the base and on the lower sections of the mountain for them. There are also two backcountry trails.

Killington Peak is the second highest peak in Vermont and the Killington Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in the eastern part of the United States. The resort extends across seven mountains and has 200 trails and 33 lifts. This is one of the best of the Vermont skiing areas for groups of mixed ability as there are a variety of trails for the novice and the more advanced skier. One of the trails is an extremely steep mogul run. The resort welcomes snowboarders and has a separate area for them. Everyone can enjoy a long season here due to the state of the art snowmaker machine.

Mad River Glen is a resort in Fayston and is considered to offer some of the most difficult runs on the east coast. There are narrow trails and natural obstacles are left where they are. Vermont skiing off piste is actively encouraged here. However, this is one resort that took the controversial decision to ban snowboarding.

Sugarbush is a large resort in Warren, containing 111 ski trails and also has a snowmaking system. This resort attracts a lot of visitors off season too with facilities that include courts for playing tennis, squash and racquetball. There are also swimming pools and hot tub, a weights room and a gym. Golfers enjoy the resort too and there is an 18-hole golf course. Vermont skiing can also be found at Bondville, a resort that has 91 trails and a snowmaker. Snowboarders are very welcome here; in fact, it was the first ski resort to admit snowboarding on to its mountains.

Other ski resorts in the region include Jay Peak, Okemo and Bromley. Vermont is rightly proud of its place on the winter sports calendar and with the use of the snowmaking machines, lack of snowfall isn't a problem.

Colorado ski resorts

Colorado ski resorts are, without a doubt, some of the best in the country. All around this nation, and around the world, there are problems going on with ski vacation resorts right now. Rising global temperatures seem to be cutting the ski season shorter and shorter, and low altitude ski resorts are going out of business right and left. As all this happens, however, Colorado ski resorts continue to thrive and prosper. I went to a Colorado Springs ski resort this last year, and I was completely amazed. It was just like childhood. The entire place was covered with thick snow that fell the whole time I was there!

When I was growing up, the Colorado ski vacations were a sort of tradition among my family. We would go to Colorado ski resorts almost every single year. It was easy to do because we had an uncle in Colorado. He was right outside of Denver, up in the mountains, so many of the Colorado ski resorts were an easy drive from his house. We would go to a Colorado ski resort around Christmas time and not come back home until after New Year's. It was one of the best times of my life. I always loved skiing and snowboarding, and my family would encourage me to develop my skills to the utmost. When I was in those Colorado ski resorts, I felt like an Olympic skier in training!

Of course, not all ski resorts in Colorado are the same. Most of them are good, but they all are marketed to different kinds of people. Some of the Colorado ski resorts are basically luxury hotels with skiing available. The people who go to these types of ski resorts Colorado tend to be extremely rich, and not very good skiers. They spend most of the time indoors, enjoying luxury accommodations.

In other Colorado ski resorts, it is all about the skiing. The best ones will have classes for both beginners and advanced skiers, a variety of different slopes, and excellent accommodations. Of course, there are also discount Colorado resorts for people who are there primarily to ski. Some of these actually have some very good slopes, although other ones are pretty mediocre. The best way to get into Colorado ski resorts is to have a local explain them to you. If you can't find someone local to tell you about the different Colorado ski resorts, a vacation planner can probably do just as well.